Chartered Accountant 

Chetan Desai


I am Chetan Desai, Chartered Accountant and founder partner of my 21 year old firm Chetan B. Desai & Co. We are 4 partners and having offices at Surat, Vapi & Kadodra. I have specialized practice in the field of Management Consultancy (Finance) and fraud prevention and detection. My daughter is introvert and due to that even though having a bright academics, she was legging behind in some areas. So i engaged Mr. Nirav Doriwala, A life Coach, for her coaching. He has analysed her nature found out why she is not mixing with other peoples, what is her goals etc and start working on that. After completion of his coaching, i found vast and positive change in body language and behaviour of my daughter. I thinking of taking another session of his coaching. Thanking you Niravbhai for your contribution to life of my daughter. I recommend your services strongly. CHETAN B. DESAI & CO. March 11, 2019

Head of Sales

Kartik Soni


We are mainly engaged in Residential & Industrial construction work in Surat city and outside the city. I am taking service of Certified Life Coach Mr. Nirav Doriwal from last three months. He has an excellent technique of coaching for each & every profession. I have personally felt his power of coaching and I have got good results from his coaching. He has given me best coaching to me and finally, I want to say something for him that “ If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with Nirav Doriwala ’’. We consider him as a BEST CERTIFIED LIFE COACH till date and wish him for the best in future ahead and strongly recommend him as a LIFE COACH in my group. 

Product Manager

Richa Goyal


I would like to put pen to paper and compliment you on your in-depth Knowledge, great motivational power and helping people from their year's old belief. We 'KeyConcepts', have a large team working with us with general Age of 23-24, They all have very short time goals but don't know how to achieve that,  they want to learn goal setting and journey of achieving it, we invited Niravbhai as a motivational speaker and he conducted a very good seminar on above mention topic and the team is really eager and want one more seminar from him, they really became delightful after the coaching by Life Coach Nirav. I  recommend life Coach Nirav for excellent life and business coach service & support to my family, friends, and relatives as I am sure that others will be as satisfied as I have been... Once again thank you Niravbhai.

Product Manager

Moizz Ezzy


This is Moiz Ezzy, Founder and CEO of Infign where we create unique personalized products for Personal and Corporate gifting. Our USP is our quality and our customer service. I recommended Nirav Bhai to one of my very close family members who have a lot of anxiety problems and were under medications for the same for years without any improvement. Nirav Bhai started speaking to her and was able to help her in ways no one else could. She says he was always available during her anxiety attacks and always knew what to say, when to stop and when to insist. She told me that she is happy and is feeling good about herself for a long time. I would recommend Nirav Bhai to everyone.